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Fit and flare wedding dresses and how to choose the one for you

by Linh Tran |

Finding your dream wedding dress is not an easy task! And if you're not sure which silhouette is the most flatter on you in a sea of options, it can get overwhelmed. In the last blog, we mention when in doubt, choose A-line dress. But if your idea of the perfect wedding gown is one that highlights your waist, skims over your hips, and flares out into a wider shape, then a fit and flare silhouette can be a perfect choice for you. 

What is a fit and flare wedding dress?

A fit-and-flare dress hugs the bodice and hips and flares out just below the hips.

fit and flare wedding dress

Via Brides

The fit and flare silhouette is perfect for hourglass and pear figures as it embraces curves and offers the bride a sultry, attractive shape that gives her confidence on her wedding day.

fit and flare wedding dress

Our brides look stunning in fit and flare dresses.

Just like other silhouettes, there are many fit and flare gowns that brides can choose from.

Fit & Flare, Trumpet, and Mermaid - What are the differences?

The difference among these three similar silhouettes comes down to where it begins to flare out from the body.

Fit and flare

With this silhouette, the flare starts just below the hips. Fit and flare silhouette is the most popular choice out of the three styles as it offers the bride a feminine, curvy shape without limiting her movement.


A trumpet wedding dress is a perfect midway point as it flares out at mid-thigh and creates an illusion to elongate the legs. The silhouette highlights the natural waist and is less restrictive in movement compares to the mermaid silhouette. 

trumpet wedding dress


A mermaid wedding gown tightly fits the body to the knee and then flares out dramatically like a fish's tail. The most body-conscious option out of these three choices, the mermaid wedding gown places the most emphasis on the hips, so the bride will be showing off the full curve of your hips in this style. 

mermaid wedding dress

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Is fit and flare the silhouette for you? 

If you prefer a more fitted dress to your body than A-line or Ball gown dresses, the fit and flare silhouette might be a perfect choice! The silhouette is designed to show off your curves and allowed you to move comfortably. If you've already fallen in love with the fit and flare silhouette, here are some wonderful suggestions for you.

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