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The New Way to Wed

Calling all innovators, changemakers, and pioneers of better futures:

Every year, the fashion industry is responsible for up to 92 MILLION tons of waste. And with weddings taking place on just one day, we aim to offer another solution.

Introducing dress rentals: the NEW way to wed for brilliant brides and bridesmaids like you looking to:

  1. Reduce wedding waste and conserve precious closet space
  2. Reimagine what’s possible for an industry begging for an upgrade
  3. Restore those funds you’ll save for your next crave-worthy craze: a donut wall? Whatever makes your cake crumble. That polka band? Plan your day “accordion” to you!

Renting the dress you adore is easy as...


Step 1: Book Your Consulation

Our dedicated team is here to make sure your dress fits just right for your big day. You’d be surprised how much we can do to make a rental dress FEEL so you.

Come get refreshed at our chic boutique, or book your virtual appointment today.

Step 2: Dazzle On Your Day

You get 10 days to use and return your dress (and wow did you stun in it!).

But don’t be surprised if you bring it by the boutique and don’t want to leave; happens often with our brides.

Book Your Consulation

Step 3: (We’ll) Get It So Fresh and So Clean

So your dress got a little messy? Sounds like someone had a great time (as you should)!

Don’t you worry — our eco forward cleaning process will get it primped, prepped, and feelin’ so fresh for the next brilliant bride.

Rosalind is EXACTLY what I had dreamt of. You guys are simply the best! Made my day extra special!!!

< Diyana A. >

... As far as the quality of the dresses, they are amazing! I was worried that I couldn't see them before trying them on but when they arrived, the quality was way better than some bridal stores I had gone to. I definitely recommend this boutique to anyone who is interested in buying or renting a dress. The shipping process is so simple and communication with them is very reliable.

< Shadid D. >

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why rent when I can buy?

    Great question! While renting’s not for everyone, it’s definitely a cost-effective option for the eco-conscious bride who wants to leave her mark by not leaving a trace. Fashion generates nearly 92 million tons of waste each year. And as a wedding takes place on one day, renting will greatly reduce the fashion waste produced from wedding gowns.

    Another bonus of renting: using all the money you’ll save (renting can cost 1/5th the purchase price) to splurge on something special. Donut wall? If that’s how your cake crumbles. Polka band? Design your day “accordion” to you!
  • Renting? Is that even sanitary?

    Like our heart to pamper you and the planet, our cleaning process is oh so fit and fresh, so brides like you can feel BRAND new.

  • What if the dress doesn’t fit me? I’m such a unique size…

    We get it; there’s no other woman like you. And, there are also no dresses like ours! We actually design and make our own to be reshaped, refitted, taken up or let down… you name it, and we can make the (temporary) adjustments to fit you. Our team is so dedicated to your satisfaction, we’ve been known to spend hours finding and fitting dresses for our special brides. So once you find the dress(es) to your delight, reserve your time with us in person or online and we will work our magic. We’re also proud of our No Pressure Policy: there is NO pressure or guilt to rent or buy with us. We’re just here to get you closer to your final style, and to provide an experience you’ll enjoy.

  • I’m not in the Bay Area. How else can I try on the dress?

    Although we’d love to pamper you in person (our boutique is an experience in itself), we bring Dare and Dazzle to you with the “Try On” option. This gives you a 3-day window to try up to 3 dresses in the comfort of your home, plus an easy return process on us. There is a nominal “Try On” fee which can be credited when you buy or rent for your big day. Didn’t find your dress with us? We also have an array of accessories and bridesmaid dresses to get your party picture-ready.

  • Do you only offer dresses for rent?

    Nope! Though our mission includes reducing the wedding industry’s carbon footprint through options to rent, we offer all of our dresses for purchase. We try to be as size-inclusive as possible but if the dress you adore still does not fit you, you can get it made to order.

  • I found the dress I love but it’s not available for my date. Help!

    Oh no! Please add your email address to the waiting list. If the dress is available before your select date, we’ll make sure to notify you first.

  • What if I get my rental dress dirty?

    Our cleaning process is not only eco forward; it gets down to business and can remove quite a number of “oops!”. If the dress is permanently stained, we may have to charge a damage fee.

  • Why should I rent or buy from Dare and Dazzle?

    We know you have the choice to find your wedding dress anywhere, and we don’t take it lightly that you’ve chosen us. For this reason, we proudly stand by:

    1. An Easeful Experience

      Wedding planning is stressful. We are here to help you find the dress you desire, AND enjoy your experience along the way with dedicated service plus a bright boutique that’ll put you at ease.

    2. A No Pressure Policy

      We’ve been known to spend HOURS helping our brilliant brides search for THE dress, and get it fitted to her figure.

      But even then, we have a No Pressure Policy: if you don’t love it, don’t get it; simple as that. We’re just happy to get you closer to *the* dress for your big day.

    3. A Celebration of YOU

      Our dresses are tailor-made for, and named after, brilliant women like YOU. From the “Amelia” dress inspired by pioneer of the skies Amelia Earhart, to the elegant “Rosa” named after revolutionary Rosa Parks, our dresses were designed to bring out your most fabulous, fierce YOU.

    4. Innovation — For Good

      We believe in celebrating bold, strong women like you while also aiming to reduce the wedding industry’s carbon footprint, without compromising your bridal experience.

      We’re a boutique for bold brides who care to look fabulous and hold fast to their values; a thoughtful fitting experience that prioritizes your style and smile: no detail overlooked as we dress up your Big Day.

      If you dream of the greater good and want to be part of a NEW way to wed, we’re here for one-of-a-kind brides like you.