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The Do's and Don'ts When Shopping For a Wedding Dress Online

by Linh Tran |

When it comes to wedding preparations, trying on wedding dresses is a must-have experience. Together with your closest friends and family members, trying on each dress in your journey to find the dream dress is a cherished moment. That's why a bridal boutique is not only a dress store but also a magical place to create precious memory.

However, according to The Knot 2020 Wedding Attire Study, due to the impact of COVID, nearly 45% of females said they now change the way they shop for attire and doing more research online. This meant brides are presented with thousands of choices to find THE ONE, and it could be overwhelming. Let's dive in and see what we can do to help you and other brides narrow it down.

wedding dress online

The Do's 

Do check the fabric.

Online shopping for a wedding dress is challenging. It is hard to tell the color, the fabric, the fit, etc., via a few photos. One of the most common feedback we receive is, "The photos don't do it justice!" and we take pride in having our customers been pleasantly surprised. However, it is not as fun when it's the other way around. Clothing can look stunning online, but when you see the dress in person, the material could make or break the entire look. Do read through the description to see what kind of fabric the dress is made out of and set your expectation accordingly.


Do double-check the measurements and buy current size.

Ideally, you don't want to be ordering your wedding dress online based on a simple size guide as you can be a size S in one shop and an M in another. Each wedding dress designer uses a slightly different size chart, so you want to check for the dress's size based on the numerical measurements. In addition, do check the retailer's website to see the instruction for how to measure yourself to have the same point of reference. Wedding dress shopping usually takes place about a year before the wedding but do buy the dress that fits you at the moment so you can see how it looks on you when it fits your body.

Do consider the outfit for the entire day with every activity you will do that day.

Many brides fall in love with a dress without considering that you will wear the dress all day. Wedding dress is different from everyday clothing (duh!), and it might not be easy to get in and out often. Do take into consideration the essential activity going on that day (walking, sitting, going to the bathroom, eating, dancing, etc.) as well as the location of the wedding (outdoor vs. indoor) and weather condition at that time of the year (Summer vs. Fall) before deciding to purchase the dress. 

Do read Customer Reviews for more insight.

Just like when you first met a stranger, you want to get to know them. There are many ways to check if a business is a legitimate business by checking its reviews on Google, Yelp, The Knot, etc. If they are a new business and haven't gotten any customer reviews, you can reach out to them and ask questions. If they have reviews, scan through to see what the customers generally comment on. If the reviews are not so positive, see if you can spot similar concerns and or issues with the products and the business. Please keep in mind wedding dress can be a highly subjective topic, and therefore, it can be harder to separate the real issue.


The Don'ts Brides might not know

Don't forget to check if alterations are possible for the dress.

Not every dress will fit perfectly the first time you try it on. Most likely, you will need to change at least the length of the dress before it is ready for your big day. Most of the dresses are suitable for alterations but don't assume they all are. 


Don't let the trend distract you or rush to purchase.

A particular wedding gown trend may be attractive to you, but it might not fit you the way you want it to fit you. Don't commit before making sure you can try on the dress and return if it doesn't fit you well. Wedding dress shopping is an investment, and don't rush.


Don't forget to ask for clarifications/ policies.

It's critical to have an open and honest line of communication between yourself and the online retailer, particularly if you're designing something yourself and having it custom-made. Never feel like you're bothering the designer by asking so many questions. Effective communication will result in the best dress design and no unpleasant surprises when it delivers.

When purchasing a wedding dress online, it isn't about how much you spend or what dresses/designers are hot trends. There are a variety of choices available for any brides. It could cost you $1,000 or $100; if it suits you well and matches your style, you'll feel like a million bucks.

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