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Straight neckline wedding dress and how to style it

by Linh Tran |

If you have begun shopping for your wedding dress, you've likely discovered that the process of finding the one includes not only wedding dress silhouette but also necklines, materials, and color. One of the classic necklines of all time is the straight neckline wedding dress. If you are still unsure about this neckline, we hope that the below information may be helpful.

What is the straight neckline?

Just like its name, the definition is pretty straightforward! A simple straight cut that floats across the chest is the straight-across neckline. This neckline is considered a classic and looks great on various body sizes, especially brides with broader shoulders. On strapless dresses, a straight neckline is quite popular as it brings modern, sleek vibes. It accentuates the décolletage and collarbones the same way as the sweetheart, but with a little more coverage.

straight neckline wedding dress

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straight neckline wedding dress

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Straight neckline wedding dress: hairstyle and accessories

So is a straight neckline wedding dress for you?If you prefer a modern and sleek look for your big day, straight neckline dresses should be one of the options to try on.
If you already picked the dream dress and it happens to be a straight-across neckline wedding dress, start thinking about how to style it!

straight neckline wedding dress



The great news with strapless wedding dresses in general, and straight neckline, in particular, is that any hairstyle goes. And by any styles, we mean ANY style, be it hair down, half-up half-down, low bun, high bun, loosely braids, etc. But don't let the options overwhelmed you! There are a few tips that help you narrow down the choices:

  1. Will the wedding be mainly indoor or outdoor? If outdoor, do take into consideration the weather condition.
  2. Do you plan to wear a veil?
  3. Is there a particular hairpiece you'd like to wear? If yes, try the accessory to see which way it'd look best (think photography!)

straight neckline wedding dress

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With any strapless dresses, less is more when it comes to jewelry. As the straight-across neckline add the modern vibe, you can style it with a necklace that will add an edge and chic vibe to the whole look.
For example, a choker might be too edgy, and a necklace with a pendant might create conflict as it brings a more traditional feel.

A collar necklace that sits above the collarbone will help flatter your neckline and collarbone and create a modern look overall. If your dress is heavily embellished, keep the necklace plain, or go glam if you've found an unadorned gown. If you prefer not to wear any necklace, you can pick a pair of statement earrings that will help frame your face and create a complete look. 


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