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Trumpet Wedding Dressress Guide: Understanding The Silhouette

by Linh Tran |

Considering a mermaid look-alike, the trumpet silhouette, however, shines in its own way. So, if you are looking for something with a classic vibe to highlight your natural waist, make sure you try on at least one trumpet wedding dress at your bridal appointment!

A trumpet silhouette literally means the shape looks like a trumpet.
The skirt of a trumpet dress is straight and starts to broaden outwards toward the hem. This dress form embraces the body until the mid-hip, then eventually widens to the feet. It's a mermaid-style that flares just below the hip rather than right above the knee. The incremental flare of the skirt resembles the outline of the musical instrument's bell, as the name implies.

trumpet wedding dress

Our Clara Gown

The main distinction between a mermaid and the trumpet wedding dress is the point at which the flare starts, which is mid-thigh for the trumpet silhouette. As a result, this dress form is less restrictive in the movement than the mermaid style. The flare volume is another significant contrast between the two styles. The flare on mermaid wedding gowns is more dramatic, while the flare on trumpet wedding gowns is more incremental.

However, not all trumpet gowns have the same skirt. Some have a leg slit, and others have a full, tiered skirt instead of the more softly flared sides. In addition, there are trumpet wedding gowns with long trains and others that scarcely touch the ground. It's easier to narrow down your options if you begin with a cut that appeals to you.

Purchase Considerations: What should brides care about?

When choosing THE gown to wear on your wedding day, having the silhouette you love is one thing, but there are a few other things to consider, such as color, mobility, as well as the overall wedding day program and venue. The more you keep these details in mind when looking for your dream dress, the better prepared you are for the day. 

Dress Color

Queen Victoria set the trend for a white wedding dress when she, for the first time, walked down the aisle in her white ballgown. Since then, the standard wedding gown color is bridal white. It's still a popular choice and a reminder of how special the wedding gown is. With that being said, there are several other colors that could be more of your styles, such as ivory, blush, and color combinations that fade into soft pinks and peaches.

trumpet wedding-dress

                       Via Pinterest

Unconventional brides are going for bolder colors such as crimson, purple, or yellow. Our tip: choose the color you're most confident in! 

Select Your Favorite Features

Not just the silhouette, different features of the dress will also help create different vibes for your look. Anything from the neckline to the train contributes to the overall style of the wedding day. A sweetheart neckline, for example, is a common choice for trumpet wedding gowns. It emphasizes the delicate lines of this silhouette's design. 

sweetheart trumpet wedding dress

Dareanddazzle's sweetheart neckline trumpet wedding dress

An illusion neckline is similarly stunning with more coverage. It has the allure of a sweetheart neckline with the addition of a semi-sheer fabric, usually lace or a semi-sheer fabric like organza. Both necklines look great with a strapless dress as well as with the cap or off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Do you want lace overall or a mix of lace and embellishments? Other features include veils, sashes, and pockets, in addition to the neckline and sleeve style.

illusion neckline trumpet wedding dress

                      Illusion neckline gown via Pinterest

Tips for Shopping for Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Be selective on who to include in your party for dress shopping.

It is essential to take along some close friends or family members who are your number one patrons. Having the input of a trusted individual rather than a more extensive audience makes it easy to find out what you want. In addition, remember to take photos of each dress you try on from different angles. The images allow you to see how the dress will look in pictures and help to decide which one is the one.

trumpet wedding dress

        Via Kayla Kosuga

Bring the right shoes.

Second, it is helpful to know which type of shoes and how high your heels will be when you try on the dress. If you can, bring your wedding shoes or shoes of a similar height to the bridal appointment. Stilettos give you extra inches, which helps to elevate the minimalist look of the trumpet wedding dress. If you're thinking of wearing heels, remember the length of your wedding gown train and what would be the most comfortable to walk and dance in on your wedding day.

trumpet wedding dress shoes

        Via Clbxg

Bring an open mind.

Last but not least, remember to keep an open mind. Often, brides come to us with an idea in mind and end up with something entirely different.

Try on the veil or add a belt to see if it ties together for the entire look. Playing dress-up and choosing what fits and what doesn't is a fun part of the shopping experience. If you're still unsure, take a few days to go over all of your options before making your final decision.

Choosing the perfect wedding gown might not be easy, but it is fun and rewarding when you found the dream dress. Remember to make it an enjoyable and unforgettable event for everyone, whether you've already dreamed of your wedding day or are only now discovering the infinite possibilities of wedding dresses available.

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