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Are there differences among your grandmother's, mother's wedding dress and yours?

by Linh Tran |

It is undeniable that 2020 was the year of unprecedented events. And as if to balance out the new reality, 2020 also witnessed many retro styles that have made a strong comeback. From awe-inspiring tie-dye, funky vest to a glamorous corset, it seems quite clear that old fashion trends are never totally over but burrowed under some shells and would come up again when the time is right! Wedding dresses are not an exception to these trends, and it's time we look at the differences between wedding dress trends today and those from your grandmother's or mother's era? Will some wedding dress trends make a comeback in this decade? 

Nowadays, wedding dress styles seem to have no limit. A bride's gown for the big day usually mirrors her lifestyle as shown in some current trends, including Badass bride, Buff is the New Blush, Legs for Days, Minimalism to the Max, and so on (visit Bazaar for more information)

The highlight of all these emerging trends is celebrating the bold and confident women. To be self-express and true to herself has never been encouraged like now. And that got us curious to see the differences between our grandmother's and mother's choices of dresses compare to ours. Ready to go back in time?


Wedding Dress - The 60's - 70's period

The 1960s (my grandmother's generation) were a remarkable decade for fashion...especially wedding gowns! Wedding dress designers were highly inspired by the trends that emerged from that decade, from minis and maxis to A-lines and caftans.

In the 1960s, following the popular acceptance of mini skirts, brides had shorter dresses with short hemlines to boost their movements. The 60's era was the first time that women in general and brides, in particular, were encouraged to show their legs and say no to the veil. Don't know about you, but we think our grandmothers would look quite chic and trendy today!

wedding dress 1960s style

Via John Minihan/Evening Standard

Inheriting those 1960s legacy, wedding gowns influenced by the 1970s are far from out of style today. Bishop sleeves, mock necklines, and floral lace designs help modernize the look while honoring the most recognizable 1970s fashion trends.

wedding dress boho 1970s

via Pinterest

Wedding Dress - 1980s & 1990s period

What characterizes a 1980s wedding gown? The puff sleeves, the dramatic bows, voluminous tulle skirt, sheer sleeves, and the high collar neckline. As if we never moved on from this era! These are a few descriptions we would use for our wedding dresses today.


What about the 1990s bridal gowns? The '90s were the poster era for either the simpler version of 1980s dramatic dress or minimalistic design concepts – and wedding dresses were included in the trend. For the "poof" – giant sleeves, brides tried to incorporate crystal chokers, glittering hairpins to their dresses. 

wedding dress 1990s maximalism

via Payzsps

On the other hand, the minimalist trend was perfectly exemplified with the sleek dress worn by Carolyn Bessette in her wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1996. The brides of the decade weren't as interested in intricate embellishments, layered skirts, or ornate appliqués: they much preferred the simplicity of a slinky, sexier sheath gown in silk.

wedding dress 1990s minimalism

via The Telegraph

Additionally, this time period saw a rise in the popularity of perfectly cloned dresses, makeup concepts, and hairstyles for bridesmaids, starting the “matchy-matchy” trend. We've since updated that trend to the "mis-matched" bridesmaids’ looks, featuring coordinating – not identical – ensembles.

Will those trends make a comeback in this decade?

The answer is they're already here! Without a doubt, these older trends never go out of style. Instead, they play an essential role in modern designs as the foundation for more creativity. The volumnious tulle skirt, the dramatic bow, the sheer sleeves and high collar are all here!

According to Bazaar, some of the trends for 2021 may vary from New Takes on Lace, New Bohemian Bride, to Short Dresses for the Ceremony. So, are there differences? Not really, these styles have new fancy names, but in fact, they are the innovative versions of all our grandmother and mother's dresses. And it could mean with a touch of your personality, creativity, and the influence of current trends, you can turn the older version into a unique piece of history for your big day!

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