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How To Wear Your Style Of Wedding Dresses? | Dare And Dazzle

by Hien Le |

Wedding dresses look beautiful, and they also look a lot more intimidating to wear at home than it actually is.

Here are the tips for wearing the dress on your big day


For all dresses

There are two ways to wear your dress: from the top down or the bottom up. The easiest way to wear the dress, especially with your hair and makeup done, is from the floor up.


  1. Make sure the floor is clean before spreading the dress out on the floor. 
  2. Optional – If your dress requires a petticoat, wear the petticoat first 
  3. Step into the dress and pull in up
  4. Adjusting and fitting the top of the dress to your body and your chest accordingly (details next slide)
  5. Button, zip, or lace up the dress.



Wearing a strapless dress:



◦To make sure the dress stays on, pull the dress's neckline/cup higher than your chest.

◦The bride holds the position of the dress while her bridesmaid(s) lace-up or button up the back of the dress, make sure to lace it just right, not too tight to pull the neckline in

◦Once the back of the dress is complete, pull your breasts up to fit inside the cup/corset.

◦If you are concerned about “back fat” on top, gently pull the back neckline up to cover the ”fat” in the back.



Wearing fit and flare style:



◦Spread the dress on the floor and step in

◦Cross your legs and slowly shake your bottom while pulling up the dress 

◦When the dress fitted to the body, the bride should hold the position with her hands at her waist while her bridesmaid helps zip/ lace-up around the bottom. Once the dress's bottom is secured, move up and fit the chest as instructions from above.

◦When lacing up the dress, make sure the dress is not too tight for the bride to sit down without concerns.


How to wear a petticoat:

If your wedding dress is a ball gown and requires wearing a petticoat to create the form of the dress, here are the steps:

◦ From the waist of the wedding dress, pull the petticoat inside the dress.
◦ Make sure the petticoat line up (front and back) with the dress.
◦ Spread both the petticoat and the dress on the floor so you can step in
◦ Pull the dress and the petticoat up and fix the form to have everything in place.
◦ Make sure to tighten the petticoat before tying up the dress.



How to lace-up the dress:



◦Once the dress is fitted, hold it firmly at the waist to keep the dress in the right position.

◦If there is a back cover inside the dress, flatten it and make sure it looks straight and cover the back. 

◦Start from the top and work your way downward, going back and forth motion with the lacing.

◦As you go downward, don’t pull it too tight. 

◦As we get to the bottom, we can start tightening up the lace. Pulling the lace outward and concentrate at the natural waist to give the bride a phenomenal look.

◦To have a clean finish, push each of the ends through the loops and, depending on the dress style, tight a bow and leave it out or tight a noose and put in inside the dress. This is up to your preference and the design of the dress.


And ... voila ... you're ready to shine!


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