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Getting The Dress Ready For The Big Day! | Dare And Dazzle

I keep getting the question "What to do to prevent wrinkles on the dress before the big day?" and my answer always is - you can't. The dress will get a little wrinkle, especially with silk or satin dresses, and that's okay! But the good news is, you can minimize the wrinkles, and here is how◦Keep the dress and veil inside the garment bag and hang them in a cool and dry space at home or the venue.◦Get a mini steamer, and if you can, flip the dress inside out before steam. If not, you can still steam the dress from the outside. ◦Using the steam head, glide it fast. If your steamer isn’t available for adjusting temperature, make sure you don’t keep the steamer at one place for more than 2-3 seconds.◦Do not steam directly on the embellishment details.◦Again, hang the dress up after steaming in a cool and dry space. My biggest tip would be this - Don't worry too much about the wrinkles; after all, you will be the only one who notices it. Everyone else will see what a beautiful bride you are on your big day so remember to smile and let go of the wrinkles!